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Further Readings on Iran and related subjects

Coon, Carleton S.: Caravan: The Story of the Middle East
An anthropological piece by Coon on the various peoples of the Middle East. Coon includes physical anthropolgy, cultural customs, and personal experiences to right a book detailing populations of the Middle East.

Coon, Carleton S.: The Races of Europe
An older, and somewhat outdated source, yet one of the best sources for racial types within the Caucasian race, including Iranians. Some of Coon's
theories and his info on size and stature are old. But still a great source and has plates showing photographs of the Caucasian subraces.

Farrokh, Kaveh: Sassanian Elite Cavalry AD 224-642
One of the most in-depth sources on the Cavalry of the Sassanid, a great read for those who wish to know more about the armies and tactics of ancient Iran. Contains full-color artwork and photographs.

MacKenzie, D.N.: A Concise Pahlavi Dictionary
A great source for any student of the Iranian languages. Shows Pahlavi root words and their new Persian forms if the word carries over into modern Persian. A great source for learning about Pahlavi, and finding out about modern Persian etymology.

Matheson, Sylvia A.: Persia: An Archaeological Guide
An old, but detailed archaeological guide to Iran and its rich historic remains.

Olmstead, A.T.: The History of the Persian Empire
An in-depth work on the ancient Achaemenid empire of the Iranians up until the its collapse at the hands of Alexander. Contains many great details and a lot of information. Unfortunately written with Hellenic/Western bias, but still very useful.

Veesta Sarkhosh, Curtis: Persian Myths
A good resource on the Mythological stories of Iran.

Wells, Spencer: The Journey of Man
A great resource on early human migration based on findings on the Y-chromosome. An unusually exciting read.
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