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Pre-Achaemenid Iran: Semnan

Semnan province has long been home to a variety of peoples. Some, like the inhabitants of Kharand were nomadic (this shows in their hefty bone structure). Settled inhabitations have also been found, such as the site of Dekheir, near Shahrud, where animal bones, clay and metal tools have been discovered. At the historical Tappe Hessar in the current city of Damghan evidence of inhabitation dates back at least 7000 years. Pottery and decorated ceramics have been unearthed in this region as well as brick architecture. The style of pottery from this region extends as far west as Tehran indicating the span of their influence. Cosmetic and materialistic artifacts have been unearthed from this region. Many tombs contain elaborate jewelry and beads, made from a variety of materials like copper, silver, gold, and turquoise.

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