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Pre-Achaemenid Iran: Fars

Many of the oldest settlements yet discovered in the Fars province date back to 6000BCE on the Marv Dasht. Findings at Mushki Taleh and Jari Taleh include pottery and exotic artifacts, such as sea shells, are indicative of trade.

In the Tangeh Bolaghi, numerous artifacts have been found as archaeologists have rushed to the region to salvage as much as possible before the goverment-sanctioned Sivand Dam floods the valley. Numerous kilns, some dating back 7000 years, reveal the existence of pottery manufacture and trade. Numerous skeletons, some also 7000 years old, have been discovered. In the northwest of Fars the Malyan Taleh ruins date back to 5500BCE. During the Elamite time period these settlements gave rise to the urban Anshan. More important finds have surfaced at the Mehr Ali Farsi Tappe site. Excavations have unearthed kilns, earthenware, and baked clay structures, giving clues as to the lifestyle of the regions inhabitants. Meanwhile metal mines dating to 1000BCE show evidence of metallurgy and the arrival of the iron age to this region.

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