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Pre-Achaemenid Iran: Hamadan, Qazvin, and Zanjan

There have been many signs of civilization throughout Iran's northwestern mountain ranges. In the province of Hamadan numerous pottery has been found at sites like Kurab Tappe, dating back to 5000BCE. At the Tepe Giyan near Nahavand much pottery has been discovered. These works of art, dating back to 1100BCE, often contain complex motifs. Images include humans, many different birds, and goats. Elsewhere in Hamadan archaeologists have unearthed a 3000 year-old skeletons along with earthernware. Similar remains have been unearthed in Zanjan.

Qazvin is known to be one of the oldest sites of inhabitance in Iran. Some remains date back 7,500 years. Most notable is Zagheh tappe on the plains of Qazvin. Pottery found resembles that of Sialk while numerous tombs show intricate designs. Larger boulders were used in the construction of many of these tombs, and many were to direct water away from the grave, preventing decomposition of artifacts.

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