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Site about Armenia, its people, and history. Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies, a scholarly group that studies ancient civilization in greater Iran. Many interesting articles. Site on the Ghaffari family in Iran. Group devoted to Iran and promoting Iranian culture. Site about Iran and its culture. Ancient Persia section on Livius, a site devoted to ancient civilizations. entertaining animation about Pan-Iranist unity. Great site on the Parthians containing many articles and much information. 3d virtual reconstructions of Perspolis allowing the visitor to see what Iran's ancient capital would have looked like. Devoted to the Sassanid dynasty and their legacy. The most informative, original, and open-minded site on the philosophy and legacy of Zoroaster and Zoroastrianism. Political group that supports Aryan values and a free and nationalist Iran. Iranian Aryan National Front: Forum dedicated to Aryanism in Iran An excellent blog on Iran and current events. Cultural News Agency. Website bringing news about Iran's cultural discoveries. Forum dedicated to Iranian history and culture.

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